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About Us

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to bring you the opportunities to buy exclusive limited edition products without paying ridiculous resell prices. Why? because it's atrocious paying way over retail.
  • Provide you with 100% authentic products. Why? because it hurts when we pay extra and receive fake products or nothing at all.
  • Deliver your products same business day in London within 1 to 3 hours in the near future. We want to make a change to the way you shop, give you the option to wear your products the same day or to the special event you are attending. We can deliver straight to the event destination so you don't waste your time.
  • Get you to believe in change, we believe cryptocurrency is the future and we are going to make this store futuristic as possible for you. You can pay for your limited edition products with Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrency. Why? because we believe cryptocurrencies is the future of money.
  • Work with the big brands so we can provide you with even more exclusive products in the future. This is a big one so join us. 
  • Build a community together, keep you happy and satisfied. Why? because without you we are nothing, this was built for you in the first place. Stay with us for even cheaper products in the future. 

Our Branded Products

King Ks Branded Products
  • Our brand is a community brand, so you can say you are a part of it. 
  • We created this brand to bring something new for you to the market. 
  • We limited the inventory so you can have unique staple pieces.
  • We retain profits to get you more exclusive limited edition products for you at even lower price in the future.
  • We give you double Reward Points on our Rewards Program for joining our community.
What ever we design, we are giving you the best price available at this current moment, you can see it as a form of investment as when you buy our branded products, we retain the profit and you get rewards back through our Rewards program so you can get the limited edition products for cheaper. We say our brand is a community brand because we retain profits to get you more exclusive limited edition products for you at even lower price in the future.. Share with friends increase the chance of you getting more limited edition products at a lower price, we will manually give you extra points on our Reward Program so you can get the limited edition products for even cheaper. If you buy our branded products, we will manually give you double reward points. Read more about King Ks Reward ProgramWe limited our inventory so you can have unique staple pieces. Once it's gone, it's gone, no restocks. You can see how many of each product is left on the product page. We want to bring out more unique products in the future but it will be limited inventory, so keep your eyes on the site.  

How it all started:

Current Story
What's the reason for this website?

This site was initially created for everyone who had a tough 2020. We came up with this idea in November 2020. We saw many people struggle last year as the pandemic hit, so we could see people were not able to afford what they wanted as they were scared of what's happening around the world. We intended to make this site before Christmas so that people can buy what they wanted at the lowest market price as gifts for themselves or others. However it was difficult to build everything from scratch, we could not get this done due to the lack of time and knowledge at the time. Had no idea how to create a website, started learning and this process was slow, had to attend work 7 days a week, collect sneakers so could not launch the website before Christmas. This has become way bigger than that now. We are going to change the Sneakers and Streetwear market together. Join us and become a part of the journey. We can't do it ourselves, we need YOU.


Story before the Current Story

King Ks First Pair of Yeezys

It started with selling this pair of Yeezys back in 2019. Then started collecting more exclusive sneakers and fell in love with reselling. Everyday was unique, didn't know how many L's and how many W's were going to be taken which made it very exciting although most of the time it was L’s as you know how hard it is to get exclusive Limited Edition Sneakers and Streetwear. Went from having 2-3 pairs of sneakers to over 100s of pairs.
It was fascinating to hear about new releases. Researched a lot about exclusive drops after work. It was exciting to see how many sales were made every day. Then packed the orders and took them to work the next morning and sent them off on the way back home. It was fun, used to see friends and grab ice cream from Ben & Jerrys on the way back, if you haven't tried their Vanilla Pecan Blondie, you are missing out. And that's how it went, made over 100s of sales last year. you can go watch this TikTok video we made about the journey. Then came up with the idea to help you get the Sneakers or Streetwear you love at the lowest market price.